If I rent the Edgewood Hall for a wedding reception, what is the rental period?

For wedding receptions, you can pick up the key on Thursday before the event and return the key Sunday.

Can we bring our own caterer to the Edgewood?

We are a full-service caterer so we require that you use our services.

After the event, do we need to clean the facility?

We clean the Edgewood Hall after the event, but we ask that you stack the tables and chairs along the walls and take out the garbage to the dumpster.  If there are spills, please spot mop the area.

How much is the rental for the Edgewood Hall?

All events are different prices, so please contact us.

Does the Edgewood Hall supply alcohol/beverages?

You are expected to bring your own beverages.  We can supply you with a list of local distributors.

What is the maximum capacity of the Edgewood Hall?

350 people, which allows for a full dance floor.

Are we able to decorate?

The Edgewood Hall is tastefully decorated already but you are welcome to bring your own decorations (please note:  Command Strips only for wall decorations.  No nails, metal fasteners or tape).

Is lodging available?

We are centrally located, with several major hotels within 1/2 mile  radius.

What are my bartender options?

We supply a list of bartenders for you to hire.

 Is parking available?

We have a large parking lot.